Friday, 27 March 2020

Israel Year 5/6 Camp Writing

This year was my first time going to our school camp for year 5 and 6’s. Mr Burt decided kids should be learning about other things like the outdoors. So he made this camp for us with activities like he did when he was growing up. At our school camp we get to stay at our school for 3 days, we sleep in tents and I got to share a tent with my cousin Rylan. Camp is fun, we get to Kayak and play Cycloball which is like soccer, but you use bike’s and giant balls to play. The thing I liked most about camp was kayaking because it was fun to learn something new and now I can kayak. Everyone loved the food at camp, my favourite was the desert. There was ice cream and cake and a thing called Ambrosia which is delicious. I’m very thankful to Mr Burt, Mr Sommerville, Mr Goodwin, the chef’s and especially Miss Hockley, who I think made the ambrosia, and everyone who came together to make our camp happen. I learn’t that I like camping, it’s unique and lots of fun. I recommend that everyone should go on a camping trip.

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